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And while Bad Bunny pants seem rare these days, comfortable jeans were the award-winning pants in the ’80s and ’90s. They’re practically an invasive species. encroaching on the red carpet. Nostalgic Instagram accounts like @nightopenings document hiking men who have worn this style. Kevin Bacon sported a lightwash pair with a white V-neck T-shirt at the Apollo 13 launch; Chevy Chase wore a denim shirt that repeated her sandblasted hip-hugging look at The Invisible Man; and a dignified George Lucas chose a button-down version for The Rock’s premiere. These images exploit a time when people had less trouble getting together, more self-styled, and simply more relaxed. Y/Project Spring 2023 and Martine Rose Fall 2023

I'm cool I'm cocky I'm bad honky tonk man shirt

These pants also made a bit of a comeback this past menswear season. Martine Rose, who often exploits self-perceived boldness and nostalgia for London, launched a pair of thick, fitted jeans this past season. Y/Project’s Glenn Martens lifted the waist a little higher and created a pair of dark denim with a flowing, almost ruched leg. Interview editor and ultimate father of jeans dad Mel Ottenberg bridges the gap between fashion and utility with his Levi’s 501s. He’s been buying vintage versions for years and notes that they “hold it all together”. Like me, he also likes the look of Bad Bunny. “I’m really happy that Bad Bunny showed up last night. Ottenberg saying, “You need me to save this show” says nothing more than opening the Grammys in what everyone else would consider a rehearsal partner. “He won.”

I'm cool I'm cocky I'm bad honky tonk man s hoodie

There’s something uncanny about his look, especially his high-waisted, fitted flared pants. They look familiar, like they belong to goofy Jerry Seinfeld, high-fived Mitt Romney, and definitely someone’s dad. Jeans are unusually simple for Bad Bunny, who outfitted the 2021 Grammys with a freaky sunflower to the Grammys and posed for a selfie in a crop top. . “This time around, he wanted simplicity and comfort,” his stylist Storm Pablo wrote to Vogue by email. According to Pablo, Bad Bunny ordered all the items himself: the t-shirt was Uniqlo 1990 and the pants were Levi’s 501s. This performance looks—specifically, the cut of the jeans—gives a radical feel in a place where people dress to make headlines. Bad Bunny’s straight-leg jeans stand out among the sea of evening dresses and sequins. Not just because they’re simple; In fact, dad jeans are one of the most divisive but still mediocre looks on the internet. There are forums dedicated to finding the perfect dad jeans and others where users commit, “I accidentally bought dad jeans online and can’t return them right now.” When I search for jeans, many reviews — by welders, everyday geeks, their wives — use the word “comfortable,” which is exactly why Bad Bunny chose them in the first place.

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