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Mykonos is an island known for being a hideaway for celebrities. That’s where LiLo knows how to throw a party in Mykonos (bitches), and it was at this hotel that Kendall Jenner used the screw cap of a bottle from a water motor to create a viral TikTok, a sentences that I never thought I would write. It is the obsession of Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Liz Taylor. And in fact, it was Elias Papageorgiou, founder of Santa Marina, who spearheaded the boom that would make Mykonos the spot to be seen every summer. Villa Turquoise’s private swimming pool at Santa Marina. Photo: George Fakaros During his career as a shipping entrepreneur, Papageorgiou was restoring a boat in the harbor at Ornos Bay when he noticed that the rich and famous were quietly starting to anchor. beans here. So he bought a strip of land for a relatively low price and invested all he had in this place, to be honest, this place boasts some amazing views and nice rooms the most I’ve ever seen. (Meanwhile, the culinary collaboration with Jason Atherton and Buddha-Bar is the brainchild of Christiana, daughter of Papagorgio, who took over power following her father’s death in 2012 and prioritized bringing in guests. hotel to develop firmly in the future.)

Official kill the light Lacuna Coil band design shirt

Late last summer, I went to Mykonos for the first time with my husband, where we were invited to stay at the Santa Marina Resort with London-based skincare brand 111Skin, which recently partnered with the hotel. to build a brand. -New spa concept. We can’t afford a honeymoon, so when asked, we thought it might be the perfect way to spend some time hanging out in what’s considered one of those luxury and secluded hotels. the best that Mykonos has to offer. These activities we lined up – dinner at the resort’s Buddha-Bar outpost; relax on the private beach; a private boat out to Delos Island, the second most luminous in the world according to a local tour guide — not our typical holiday pursuit. But we lean in, trying not to worry if we feel a little lost; both on the island in general, and at a hotel with an incredible — and extremely high-end — reputation. Beach bar in Santa Marina. Photo: George Fakaros

Official kill the light Lacuna Coil band design s hoodie

Santa Marina offers the kind of hotel experience money can’t buy—namely, a refined sense of thoughtfulness and priority care. My husband loves black coffee, so on the second day, when we sat down for breakfast, a black coffee was brought to us right away. I liked a spot on the beach in particular: the next day when we arrived for an afternoon swim, the loungers were already set up for us. We were treated like family as well as guests, greeted with free photos when we arrived for dinner and lounging in the sun after the beach closed. It feels like being in the most comfortable, well-groomed home possible—if my house has a jacuzzi in the bedroom, that’s it. Any worries that we might feel out of place surrounded by all this extravagance quickly dissipated, and what my husband and I had imagined could end up being like an episode of The White Lotus. soon turned into a trip that made me wonder what the essence of luxury is. Jason Atherton’s Mykonos Social Restaurant. Photo: George Fakaros

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