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Rabanne’s futuristic designs quickly became associated with the space age movement of the 1960s, coinciding with Pierre Cardin’s ‘Space Age’ line and Courrèges’ ‘Moon Girl’ collection in 1964. Rabanne used a new transparent plastic called Rhodoid to create his signature plate shape “pacotilles”, which was used as the building block for his clothing. One such silver disc creation was worn by Audrey Hepburn in Two for the Road (1967), breaking her decades-long garment loyalty to Givenchy. Following Rabanne’s interest in creating clothes from unusual materials, he teamed up with American toilet paper company Scott Paper to create a range of apparel made from paper that blurs the lines between Durable and disposable. Françoise Hardy in Paco Rabanne with Salvador Dali.

Ragin Cajuns Sun Belt Conference Tournament Champions 2023 T-Shirt

“ Today’s clothing deceives, hides and disturbs the human body. “I am one of the most classic fashion creators. Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Cardin are all baroque.” In 1968, Rabanne made French singer-songwriter Françoise Hardy a diamond-encrusted gold mini dress of 1,000 gold pieces and 300 carats to prove his point. The gold alone weighed nearly 20 pounds. At the time, it was considered the most expensive dress ever made. Perfume will become the financial foundation for Rabanne’s brand; he launched his first fragrance Calandre – the French word for “heater oven” – in 1969. Another fragrance, Métal, was described as “for young women who love the elements. metal fittings.”

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“ Paco Rabanne makes transgressions attractive. Who else can make fashionable Parisian women demand dresses made of plastic and metal? Who but Paco Rabanne could imagine a perfume called Calandre and transform it into a symbol of modern femininity?” Jose Manuel Albesa, Puig’s President of Beauty and Fashion, said in a statement. “That radical, rebellious spirit made him different: there was only one Rabanne.” The story of Paco Rabanne is also the story of a doomsday believer and numerologist who claims to have memories of his past lives. He repeatedly speaks in the record about having traveled from the planet Altair 78,000 years ago and about his past life as an Egyptian priest who assassinated Tutankhamun. As a result of these particular beliefs, Rabanne is less known by the nickname ‘Wacko Paco’. His predictions about Armageddon, drawn from careful readings of Nostradamus, are presented with unshakable confidence in the two books Has The Countdown Begun? (1994) and 1999: Fire From Heaven (1999).Paco Rabanne by Julien Dossena, Fall 2018 ready-to-wear

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