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Photo: Diana Zalucky After Zenichi served us baito, a warm drink made from plums, we followed him into his tatami room to begin meditating. Sitting cross-legged, we waited in silence as Zenichi rang the bell four times, announcing the start of the Zazen journey, a form of meditation that balances the mind and promotes inner peace and liberation from all forms. distraction or desire. Just relaxing after our lesson, I asked him why his drum had a fish in it. “Fish have no eyelids, and neither do monks,” he said. “Like fish, we always keep our eyes open.” After arriving in Osaka two days ago—Diana via Los Angeles and me from my home in Mexico City—we officially embarked on a weeklong self-guided journey along part of the Kumano Kodo, a series of routes The ancient pilgrimage route is located on the Kii Peninsula, the largest pilgrimage route in Japan. As one of the only two pilgrimage routes in the world recognized as a World Heritage Site (the other being the Camino de Santiago in Spain), Kumano Kodo has been traversed by Japanese descendants for thousands of years. visit countless sacred sites inside. area. Photo: Diana Zalucky

Cpac merch I was schlapped at cpac shirt

But don’t get me wrong: Ice Spice can hold its own. If internet trolling tends to come with young artists’ territory, she’s turned her jokes into art. When a fan retweeted a photo of Ice Spice in a cropped fur coat, tight jeans, and layered BB Simon belt, suggesting she needed a stylist, Ice Spice responded – a simple “you won’t understand” – has garnered more than 300,000 likes on Twitter. “I feel like I’m being mocked a lot, and I think [everyone] should know that,” she said with a laugh. “I can’t even control it.” There’s one thing to know about Ice Spice: She’s always, always, in the joke. Leaving our guest room at Akizuno Garden before sunrise, my friend Diana and I headed for a morning appointment at Senko-Ji Shrine, a sanctuary located on the outskirts of Tanabe City in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture. Copy. Walking up a curved slope and climbing a series of stone steps, we found ourselves near a cemetery from which we could hear Iwahashi Zenichi, a Buddhist monk, at work. Wearing a navy kimono and a wooden juzu prayer beads around his neck, he knelt on a bright red and silver pillow in front of the altar. I watched as he played a set of black Tibetan-style bowls while using a mallet to strike a mokugyo, a wooden drum shaped like a fish, in preparation for his daily routine: zazen. Thanks to our guide from Oku Japan—the tour company that helped plan our self-guided journey along a stretch of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage—Diana and I knew what to do. As Zenichi recited sutras in front of the Buddha, we quietly took off our shoes before entering the temple to begin our meditation. In order to prepare to meditate with Zenichi, we need to go through the Shoko ritual first. Joining our hands in a prayer form, we bowed our heads to show our gratitude and respect before entering the altar to light incense. Keeping it close to the top, we aim for a week-long trip before burning it in front of the altar. Photo: Diana Zalucky

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Now, with the recent release of Like..?, her surprise six-song EP, Ice Spice has little left to prove in terms of talent. “I definitely have a hustle and bustle by nature and a desire to succeed, and at the same time be able to take care of myself and rely on myself,” she says. On Like..?, she delivers a fiery combination of her signature even-toned style and the incredible single-layer makeup looks that have made her an online phenomenon. “I’ve worked really hard to get where I am now and I’m still working really hard every day,” added Ice Spice. Photo: Getty Images Over the past 30 years, female rappers have worked hard to protect their own sound and community in a space still dominated by men. With each one’s success came the opportunity for even more followers—the likes of Lola Brooke, Glorilla, and Ice Spice are now among them. “I want more girls [in the industry],” she said. No two rappers are alike, and each has overcome difficulties in his or her own way. “I feel like there are a lot more men rapping than women and I think it should be balanced.”

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