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In less than two weeks, Rihanna will deliver a much-anticipated performance at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show. So far, sketchy details of her actions have been revealed — but that certainly hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about everything from Rihanna’s wardrobe to her kit list. her and whether she will release new music or not. Among their most pressing questions, however, is this: What surprise, if any, will Rihanna bring to the guests ? Featured performers are often happy to invite a flashy name or two to their mid-show performances. But it can be difficult to get the tone right: Sometimes the guests completely steal the show — Missy Elliott at Katy Perry’s; Beyoncé and Bruno Mars at Coldplay’s—and others who simply haven’t aged (i.e. Madonna performing “Party Rock” with rap duo LMFAO).

Wallows have a nice day shirt

Of course, I don’t know any special information. But as someone who has been following RiRi since “Pon de Replay” first premiered on TRL (RIP), I feel qualified to bring in some serious contenders. Perhaps Rihanna will use this moment to honor her Caribbean heritage? Or given the music mogul who signed her as a teenager? Or rush into the unexpected and perform with someone she’s never worked with before? There are many options for decompression. Here’s a personal wish list for potential surprise guests at Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show. If I were a bettor (which I am not), this is where I would put all my chips. More than a mere fan-service play, having Jay-Z on stage would be deeply symbolic: The rapper was the chairman and chief executive officer of Def Jam when Rihanna signed with the label. as an unknown teenager and played a major role in shaping her. career. The two have collaborated several times — on “Run This Town,” “Talk that Talk,” and of course, the hugely successful hit single “Umbrella.” I can’t think of a better conclusion to Rihanna’s performance than a short Jay-Z ensemble, followed by a grand finale performance of “Umbrella” with a torrential downpour. Jay has long enjoyed performing at the Super Bowl, rapping famously in 2018, “I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me, I don’t need you.” Since then, he has taken on a key advisory role, with his entertainment company Roc Nation producing shows for the NFL. Given his close relationship, it would make sense to appear as a guest on Super Bowl Sunday. And damn, I wouldn’t even be mad if Marvel star Tom Holland joined the fun as a back-up dancer. His gender-bending Lip-Sync Battle performance in “Umbrella” was definitely a great audition.

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I am now closer to having children than I was in my own childhood, a fact that never ceases to surprise and dismay me, and at the same time I know that my weight can make me lose weight. higher risk of complications during pregnancy. What worries me much more, however, is the idea of bringing children into a world that sees them not as individuals but as test cases for a system of weight control in children based on the notion that obesity is always bad and skinny is always good. All children will encounter problems and obstacles—it’s part of growing up, and it’s an adult’s responsibility to help them overcome those challenges. But the child’s body should not be viewed as purely a problem to be solved.

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