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The newest family member to join the team is Badu’s daughter Puma, who seems more likely to take over Badu’s mantle. Close your eyes as she covers her mother’s songs on TikTok and their voices are almost indistinguishable. In real life, she’s shy and soft-spoken, wearing an oversized black and white sweater with spiral curls peeking out from behind a cap and framing her face. She and her boyfriend Sean have been Badu’s personal assistants for over a year, which means, among other things, making sure Badu has 15 to 20 boxes of clothes and accessories she needs on her trip. to act. “I don’t know how other dynamics at work in the family play out, but it’s like a real job, and I have to fasten my seat belt and do what I need to do, if I’m going to do it,” says Puma. no, all rumors will reach the CEO and me. I will not be paid. Do you understand what I mean?”

Official Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Hollow Points Expand On Impact Shirt

Badu itself is in the midst of a renaissance. Like David Bowie and Grace Jones before her, the four-time Grammy Award-winning singer is one of those rare, rabid creatures that orbit the pop-culture universe and respond to the moment entirely in her own way. . Her imagination and joy feel especially relevant now. She’s found new ways to connect, sharing beaming behind-the-scenes videos on TikTok and Instagram, where she describes herself as “UNICORN Mutant Cobra” and engaging in lively conversation. in the comments. If you’re familiar with her Twitter alias, @fatbellybella, then you know she’s also pretty good at giving relationship advice. Her musical collaborators span many genres and generations, from hip-hop (A$AP Ferg) to K-pop (BTS’s RM) to new wave R&B (Teyana Taylor). probably the only artist I know that easily sold out in arenas despite not releasing an album in almost a decade,” the Koryan siblings, or Koko for short, said. “And for me, this moment was like she was in bloom again.” Koko used to be a back-up vocalist for Badu’s band but these days acts as her sister’s right-hand man. “Her left and right hand,” Queenie said with a chuckle. “And any hand that feeds her!” With her driver’s hat pulled over her prominent waist-length platinum blonde braid, Koko presents herself as a woman of business sense. Badu’s turning point, she explained, came when the pandemic brought the tour to a halt. The pivot was quick and efficient: the launch of Badubotron, a streaming platform that hosts concerts from Badu’s home that can be viewed for a nominal fee of $1. These have attracted over a hundred thousand fans who are enthralled by Badu’s intricate costumes, wild performances, and otherworldly DIYs. During one of her concerts, Badu and her band performed inside giant inflatable balloons. Badu World Market, the singer’s famous online store, has also gone live. Koko, whose son, Malcolm, and daughter, Diamond, also work for the Badu brand, said: “We almost came together as a family and were like, Oh, we really have a job. you here. “Everybody step up.”

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Koryan, Badu’s sister, said: “For me, this moment is like she is blooming again. Hermes dress. Hailey Desjardin’s custom hat inspired by Issey Miyake. Marni x Erykah Badu dress and shawl. Longtime friend and collaborator, Questlove DJ and producer, was mesmerized by Badu at the 1996 Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles. “She wore the tallest turban I have ever seen in my life,” he said. “It was like she was hiding a three year old standing on top of her head, that was the height of her hijab. I was just stunned.” As she said, looks are just as meaningful as the music. “I remember being in the elite group of young people who really embraced what it means to be African here, generation after generation,” said Badu. “We accept locs and ‘fros and our natural state, our fabrics and our jewelry. It was a beautiful time.” A few years later, in 2008, she helped popularize the phrase “staywake” with “Master Teacher,” a song from her fourth studio album, New Amerykah Part One, long before it was released by the deployed by young progressives (and later co-opted by conservatives). Badu speaks of her lasting influence in philosophical, sometimes esoteric terms. “I feel like I have punched this hole in the dam. It’s this little hole and all this water is seeping through. Now everyone with the same energy can experience what I experience,” she said. “It was a rebirth process, and I felt like a midwife.”

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